League of China season 45 [2]

U21 league results

Here you can find the U21 league results of teams in this league level this season. Note that, depending on the number of teams with an U21-squad, teams can play against teams from different league levels.

1cn FC Best11833226519616
2cn 西海FC7732252510451
3cn FC Suzhou City673221477642
4cn 雪山飞鹰5932192118468
5cn ZZ锦浪573217697349
6cn 江米联队 1563216886441
7cn ningbocixing543215989258
8cn 鮀浦三都府533215899959
9cn 上海市北联队4832146129184
10cn 彩云之南4532136135745
11cn 五角大楼4032124167183
12cn FC SHENHUA™ 13332712133247
13cn 终极魔镜233258192043
14cn Wuhan Summer 12332652169134
15cn FC Ballpump213263236392
16cn 上海蜜雪儿 4 6 21932542351112
17cn Wuxi Utd 4 3 2133234252588
18cn 国安532122956186