League of England season 43

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of England on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 eng Seaburn Beach 3 532121020161
2 eng Liverpool City 6 21 173012930174
3 eng Red City Juggers 12712903226
4eng Spirit Squad2312651167
5eng Deeprijay Town2212642178
6eng Strood United18125341411
7eng Forever We Are Wolves181246296
8eng FC KedOff1612372108
9eng Cambridge City16125161514
10eng Robbing Hoodies16125161516
11eng Norwich FC15123631313
12eng Chelsea 88 2 10 714124261218
13eng Winchester1312417712
14eng Tottenham Hotspur FC1212336814
15eng Hatfield Town12123361320
16eng Oxford United 3 21212408916
17eng Universitaet Kassel 511123271822
18eng Canvey Pixels1012246820
19eng Cardiff City FC912309921
20eng Newcastle United 17122191021