League of England season 44 [2]

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of England on the game Rocking Soccer.

1eng Scammonden Patriots56251681457
2eng Birmingham Hunter562518256537
3eng Fuchsia FC532515824212
4eng Newcastle United 1532515824821
5eng Collie club492515464325
6eng CandasXI472515284923
7eng London Galaxy452513663413
8eng The Villains432513484028
9eng heavens light402512494134
10eng Cumbria Trust3325103123647
11eng Sutherland FC322595113441
12eng ⚽PremierFC 1322595114553
13eng FC Kensington302593131723
14eng Stoke Town302586112839
15eng Worcester City FC242573153347
16eng We Lost202555153652
17eng London City #23202555152647
18eng NK Vitez '92 * Antunovac162537151941
19eng Nilehorses United 1 1132534182381
20eng Harlow Town112532201245