League of England season 60

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of England on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 eng Seaburn Beach 18 1948161600596
2 eng Melchester Rovers441714215913
3 eng Jaypridee Town401613124511
4 eng Cardiff City FC361611324722
5eng Oxford United 3 2361612043518
6eng Liverpool City 6 21 17321610242718
7eng Newcastle United 1 229169254434
8eng Canvey Island23167272225
9eng Tottenham Hotspur FC22166462423
10eng Mostly unmanaged21166372832
11eng Les Gothiques Amiénois18165382738
12eng Canvey Pixels18165382845
13eng Forever We Are Wolves16164481527
14eng Northampton16164482242
15eng Collie club161751111934
16eng Winchester111632111133
17eng Aylesbury United101631121330
18eng Norwich FC10162410629
19eng Robbing Hoodies8161510928
20eng Birmingham Hunter51612131244