League of England season 61

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of England on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 eng Seaburn Beach 19 20602319319018
2 eng Melchester Rovers602319316419
3 eng Cardiff City FC602419326820
4 eng Jaypridee Town532317245519
5eng Mostly unmanaged462314455128
6eng Canvey Island432313465632
7eng Les Gothiques Amiénois362310675240
8eng Robbing Hoodies352310582736
9eng Tottenham Hotspur FC352310582738
10eng Canvey Pixels342310495052
11eng Liverpool City 6 21 17312394103431
12eng Oxford United 3 2302393113743
13eng Collie club28237792933
14eng Forever We Are Wolves262375112430
15eng Aylesbury United202355131943
16eng Newcastle United 1 2192354144566
17eng Manchester Unite-Karlovac132341182766
18eng We Lost92323183583
19eng Winchester92416172159
20eng Norwich FC72321202277