League of England season 63

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of England on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 eng Jaypridee Town9635313110725
2 eng Seaburn Beach 21 219435311313219
3 eng Canvey Island883528439026
4 eng Cardiff City FC 18335265411427
5 eng Les Gothiques Amiénois753522949047
6 eng Canvey Pixels603517996160
7eng Melchester Rovers5935178105339
8eng Fuchsia FC5835184136872
9eng Oxford United 3 25735169104442
10eng Tottenham Hotspur FC5635168115236
11eng Newcastle United 1 24035124196177
12eng Collie club313594223755
13eng Forever We Are Wolves313587202859
14eng Robbing Hoodies313587203567
15eng Aylesbury United313587202659
16eng Liverpool City 6 21 17303586214379
17eng We Lost2235642545115
18eng Winchester183546253693
19eng Norwich FC183553273496
20eng Totally unmanaged173552283093