League of England season 63 [3.1]

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of England on the game Rocking Soccer.

1eng Stoke Town8238241046224
2eng Man Utd803825588539
3eng AFC Cumbria United803825587025
4eng Borg bride713821896338
5eng Parkstone Lunatics7138201176138
6eng Sussex Stars693820996335
7eng Silver Lyons FC6438197128954
8eng GodForce United6338161575641
9eng Mace Utd 26238188127861
10eng Fast Cocks59381611114842
11eng Qin Empire5738169134951
12eng Bash St53381411133027
13eng ManchesterCity4838139166476
14eng Blackburn40381010185474
15eng South Shields FC3838911182334
16eng Ulverston FC3438713183858
17eng Halesowen Town3238711202649
18eng Young boyz1838533030100
19eng Grabahon's Angels163837282887
20eng Torquay FC 1 2 1143835302185