League of Croatia season 62 [2]

U21 league results

Here you can find the U21 league results of teams in this league level this season. Note that, depending on the number of teams with an U21-squad, teams can play against teams from different league levels.

1hr NK JUNAK Sinj9632320033132
2hr NK Maksimir7532243512264
3hr NK Oluja6532205712461
4hr FC Studena Proleter553217411112117
5hr BvB Sir5132163137467
6hr ŠNK Slavonac453214315102147
7hr NK Tigar413212515114122
8hr NK Jamnica373211417141180
9hr Goeba FC36321061672115
10hr NK KAPURA21326323105217
11hr NK Istra 20141732452389163
12hr NK Vinkovci #31532432559160
13hr RUS NOVAE1132322740118