African League season 48

The Champions League and the Africa League are tournaments for the best teams from each country. After four qualification rounds there is a group stage, followed by knockout rounds until only one team remains. The better the results of a country, the more teams can enter. Rocking Soccer is a free multiplayer online football manager game. Get your own team and join the community.

Round of 32

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Draw rules

In this round all of the group winners and the best half of the third placed teams from the champions league are given a protected status. These teams can not play each other. They are drawn against the numbers two and the other third placed teams from the champions league group stage. The third placed teams are ordered based on their score in their group.

Teams from the same country can not be drawn against each other in this round.

Team advancement rules

  • The winners in this round advance to the next round.

The finals of this tournament will be played in the stadium of gn ★Real Madrid CF★.