You should try this game!

Are you a football fan? Do you watch at least one match per day? There is now a week passing by without you hitting the ball? Well then this game is made for you. You can find it at rockingsoccer.com. Actually, I am talking about a Football Manager game. If you are a football maniac like me, this is the challenge you were expecting, where you can show everybody your football knowledge and put into practice your own way of playing the ball.

All you have to do is to register on the website and after that to spend some time into setting your team features. The interface offered by rockingsoccer is developed, in order to make the user experience very easy, while you will have no problems when using it. The menu option is also very easy to use; it's available in more languages, so that it won't be a problem. After you set up your team, you can jump on having friendly matches, investing in infrastructure, asking personal friends to join the game too; believe me if you get your friends into it the game becomes even funnier.

Actually, after getting in touch with all that the game has, you will begin to realize how much you enjoy spending quality time on it, taking big decisions that influence the fate of your team, taking risks in order to win, getting attention of other players with your top quality gameplay, you just do what you think is more efficient and better for your position as a manager.

The main idea is to get you in touch with the real life of a Football Manager, to feel the sweat, the hard decision you come to face up, a single click that could help you get in the finals or win the league cup.

Since I started to play this game I can only say that it helped me in so many ways, as it has become a hobby for me. I got friends from all over the world and I understand in a better way the football and all its secrets. However, keep in mind that until you don't get to a certain level you can't really see the big picture. I strongly recommend to try it and give it some time, because as you start to move from one corner to another, there will be only benefits waiting for you. That I like the most is that you give your players a reason to win, you train them hard, you get the team to the stadium and you offer a good game to watch.