Why play Rocking Soccer?

Hello reader!,

I'm going to assume that like me you are a big fan of online management games and you're wondering why you should or shouldn't try this particular one. That's an easy question: you should! Let me clarify why.

I've been playing Rocking Soccer for almost a year now. The game has everything you are looking for in a manager game: You have your own bunch of players that you can see develop through training, you can win or lose matches depending on the match orders you give, you can make durable improvements to your club by upgrading its facilities and you can improve your team or make a profit by selling and buying players. You can also build your own identity by making a logo and picking jersey colors.

That's not what sets this game apart from the other games though.

First of all there's the world model. All the real countries with a soccer league are represented in this game and you are not limited to picking your own country. The Champions League and coefficient rankings work the same as in real life so if your country does well internationally you will, like in real life, get more tickets for the champions league next season. There are also the national cup tournaments where the strong teams enter in later rounds to make these tournaments interesting even if you're just starting in a large and strong country.

Secondly there is the game balance. It doesn't seem like there is just one strategy to win this game. You can buy strong but old players on the transfer market relatively cheap, focus on youth and train them yourself or put more money in your facilities. Different teams have been successful with different strategies. It becomes harder to improve when you have strong players so even if you started later you will eventually come quite close to the strong teams that started long before you. You may even pass them. Many long-time champions have already been overthrown by teams that started later. A long term strategy, and patience is important for real success but it is possible.

Lastly, it's really a free game. While it is possible to pay for the game, and it can really help your team if you do, the advantages are mainly focussed on catching up faster with teams that started earlier. It's not possible to pay an unlimited amount of money either, so you know what you can pay and what you get for that, this makes the paying/non-paying balance quite fair in the long run.

There are many reasons why you may or may not like a particular game and this one is no exception. I cannot tell you whether you will like Rocking Soccer, but I can tell you that it deserves a serious try.