We bieden je dit gratis aan. Het enige dat we van je vragen is om je aan de spelregels te houden en je sportief te gedragen in gevallen die hier niet beschreven zijn.

Which information do we store about you?

All the personal information we store about you can be seen and edited here: Profiel. In addition we also store the date, time and IP address of your log ins on Rocking Soccer.

If you log in using your Facebook account we will automatically load information from your public Facebook profile, including your real name and e-mail address. You can at any time disconnect your Rocking Soccer account from your Facebook account here: Profiel.

We do not store your password anywhere. We add a code to your password and then apply a hash algorithm. The resulting code is stored in the database and can be seen by admins and Delft Games employees. If you use a strong password it is not possible to derive your original password from the resulting code. Rocking Soccer staff will never ask for your password and will not be able to tell you your password if you forget it. If you want to change your password you can do so here: Wachtwoord.

Why do we need this information?

We have a strict rule that every person can only play with one account. To enforce this rule we have admins who investigate new accounts or accounts that were reported by users or flagged by automatic checks. Admins use the information you provide in your profile and your IP addresses and login times to make sure that no one creates more than one account. This ensures a fair game for everyone.

When there is doubt about the ownership of an account, admins may ask you to provide more information about you and/or the other people playing on your IP. This information will only be used to make sure all accounts belong to unique users. These conversations are stored and may be reviewed by admins when a new suspicion arises.

You can request deletion of your data via email: info@delftgames.com

Who can see your info

Your information can be seen by all our (volunteer) admins and by employees of Delft Games. We will not share or sell your information with other players of the game or any other parties.

We maken in de volgende gevallen een uitzondering

  1. Wanneer wij hiertoe verplicht worden door wetsdienaren.
  2. Geanonimiseerde samengevoegde statistieken kunnen gebruikt worden voor het beter afstemmen van advertenties

Ingame messages

Ingame messages that are sent between two players of the game can be read by admins and employees of Delft Games. We may read them when a potential violation of our terms of service is reported.