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New experimental market value formula

The transfer window closed yesterday, a few of the last transfers are still being wrapped up but we want to use the time until the next transfer window opens to work on improving the formula for the calculated market value of players.

We want your opinion on the new formula, but before you do please take the time to read this post to know the reasoning behind the new formula. It's a long post, but it's a complicated subject.

The reason we think a new formula is necessary is on the one hand that older players currently cannot be sold, even for the minimum price and that young players and players with high talent usually need a few bidding rounds because of the high interest. Players with 3 golden stars are also unsellable because they often have market values of several hundred millions.

The new formula will focus on improving these 3 problems.

1. Young players and players with high talent will become more expensive.
2. The market value of players with golden stars will increase less fast.
3. Older players will become significantly cheaper.

In addition, good keepers will also become more expensive and so will tall, hardworking or determined players, because these attributes are currently very popular on the transfer market.

We realise that the experimental value can differ very much from the old value. Please do not be alarmed by this. The real value of players is not the number we show, but what managers want to actually pay on the market. If players currently can't be sold for minimum price that means their real value is less than 33% of what our current formula says it is. The new formula should reflect this. We feel that a more accurate formula will always improve the market, even if it seems your players become less valuable. They may actually become worth more if you can sell them for their new market value. On average, players will become a lot cheaper than before. This is intentional because there are more people willing to sell players than there are willing to buy them.

It's important to realise that the goal of the calculated market value is not to give an exact value to the player, since this is not realistic. The market value should be a reasonable starting point for negotiations.

There are factors we can't capture in a simple formula, this is what the bidding process is for. Some players may be worth twice their market value or more while others would be worth half the market value. Neglected players will probably still be unsellable.

In the end, the market value should approach the value that managers (you) are willing to pay so we would like to have your feedback about the new formula. Do you feel the new formula is an improvement? Which players do you feel are still valued wrong, and why? Please give arguments for your opinions so we can use this in further improving the formula.

You can find the experimental values of your players under "Players" and then selecting the "Experimental" tab, or on the individual page of any player in the game (except those still transfer-listed).

nl Vincent de Boer, thursday july 17 2014 - 09:31

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