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Season 13 updates: what's new?

We have finished the updates to the match engine and players that we planned for the upcoming season.

For now, these changes are experimental and only used in test matches that you can now start (under matches, and then friendlies).

The changes include an updated match engine, but also changes to the way players work and a lot of new special attributes for players. The match engine changes will become official in season 14 (after one season of testing). The player changes take effect for all players that enter the game after today's update.

All of the changes are explained in more detail in the help:

We believe these changes are a big step to keep the game interesting in the long run. They aim to create a better long-term balance, reduce the random factor in the match engine, add more choices to how you build and develop your team, and make the game more fun.

We hope that with the soft introduction you will have enough time to get familiar with and adapt to the changes and won't be caught by surprise when these changes will be applied to official matches.

nl Vincent de Boer, monday october 20 2014 - 11:43

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