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750-credit player preview

We've added a preview of the 750-credit player in the scout office. It can be created only in season 13, so for now it's just the preview. This should give everyone a chance to prepare.

This is supposed to be a decent/good level 9 YC/TC player so it will be useful to a lot of people but not better than the best players from youth centers.

He will be older, but well-trained so he needs less training time to become useful and will cost money to create some variation in the types of created players.

We designed the cost and the stats of this player to make them available to dedicated new managers in 5-6 seasons, so this is a way for newer players to get this type of player somewhat sooner than through the youth and training center.

nl Vincent de Boer, monday august 25 2014 - 17:10

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