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New experimental salary formula

Based on your feedback we've come up with a new experimental formula for the player wages.

Compared to the previous formula, a major change is that we now look at the total experience a player has received. This removes the difference in salary between players that are trained on one attribute and players that are more all-round. Experience that is earned but not spent on skills is now also taken into account.

We've also increased the salary of the top players compared to the average players a little more.

Young players with a lot of experience and talent for their age will be getting much higher wages. Players who are highly specialized in one skill will also get a much higher wage. These players were undervalued in the current wage formula.

Older players, players who are trained in multiple skills and players who have relatively little experience for their age will get a lower wage, or a relatively low increase.

It's good to realize that the average wage is still going up, so if you have to pay more you can still be well off compared to rivals with better players.

nl Vincent de Boer, thursday june 22 2017 - 13:31

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