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Experimental market value formula

There is a new experimental market value formula online now. We'd like to have your feedback on this formula. The experimental values of your team can be found here:

Of individual players, for example here:

The reason for this new formula is that because of the new facilities there will be less money in the game and because of continual improvement of players a large range of players that were interesting before have now become much less interesting. The new values should approach the amounts that can be paid for them on the market. Like in the previous formula, the values should cover the average players, not those in extreme demand or those who aren't useful to anyone.

1. Maximum market value increased to 500 million RSD
2. Value of mid-range and players just below world class decreased
3. Value of cheap sell-to-bank range players remains relatively stable
4. Value of keepers decreased
5. There is a separate formula that calculates the value of a player if he is turned into a staff member. The market value of a player is the maximum of its value as staff and its value as player. Players over 30 are often bought as staff, this addition reflects that.

We are considering a few more changes related to the transfer market.
6. The maximum value for selling to the bank will be increased to 25 million RSD
7. We will add more bidding rounds, but the number of bids required to go to the next round will increase from round 4.

Before replying, please be aware of the following:
- The market value is not the real value of your player. It is a starting point for bidding. The real value may be lower or higher.
- All market values will become lower. It doesn't mean that money is lost since neither the old nor the new market value can be directly converted to money.
- Talented young players are sold for more than their new market value. This is because they are in high demand. The market value does not cover supply and demand. Players in high demand will go multiple rounds.

nl Vincent de Boer, saturday june 16 2018 - 12:53

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