Terms of service

This is offered to you for free. All we ask of you is play by the rules and use your common sense about fair play in situations not described here.

Rules for banning

If someone breaks the terms of service, we have the right to suspend (ban) their account. We will usually send a warning to the player before banning, however in extreme cases or when we suspect someone has multiple accounts we can also directly ban one or more accounts. Having a paid (V.I.P.) account does not mean you can break the rules. Accounts with V.I.P. status can still be banned. No refund or compensation for lost playing time will be given if this happens.

If your account is banned you can contact the game admins. We might have accidentally banned you. If this is the case, please explain your situation and we will undo the ban. If you did indeed break the rules but it is your first offense and you show remorse, you can be unbanned after a cooling down period.

For privacy reason we never correspond about bans with other persons. If your account is banned, you have to contact us yourself. This also means that if you report a suspected cheater, you will therefore likely not hear what we have done with your complaint.


You are not supposed to cheat, or try to cheat. The following things are considered cheating. Things not mentioned in this list are not by definition allowed. You are expected to use common sense and play fair, both by written rules and intent.

  1. Having multiple accounts.
  2. Having multiple players play on the same account.
  3. Taking actions that are not in the interest of the team you are managing. Among other things this includes (1) intentionally letting a friend win against you, (2) making excessively high transfer bids to pass money to a friend or (3) intentionally ruining your own club.
  4. Buying tickets to your own match when you're not logged in (You can do it when you are logged in), or ask a friend to buy them more than once for the same match.
  5. Abusing bugs (report them instead).
  6. Using a national team as a training tool for your own or your friends' players or intentionally losing matches with it.
  7. Intentionally damaging someone elses player. For examply by loaning him and not letting him play or by intentionally not selecting him for a national team.
  8. Manipulating the transfer market by making arrangements with other players. In particular, coordinated bidding to increase the transfer price of a player is not allowed.

Cheating is punishable by

  1. Banning.
  2. (Temporary) unverification of your account.
  3. Removal as national manager and exclusion from national team elections.
  4. Other measures deemed appropriate for the type of cheating.

Account ownership

User accounts are strictly tied to one person. As mentioned under cheating (1 and 2), it is not allowed for one person to have more than one account and not allowed for multiple people to share one account. It's also not allowed to create an account for someone else. Everyone who wants to play Rocking Soccer should create and manage their account themselves.

It is not allowed to log in to someone else's account, not even when someone is temporary unable to access the game. There is a babysit option for V.I.P. users under profile that allows another user to look after your account with limited access. This is the only way someone can look after someone else's account.

It is not allowed to transfer ownership of your team to someone else by giving that person access to your user account. Teams can only change ownership in the way described in the help.

It is not allowed to sell your team to someone else. If someone offers to buy their team, please report this user to one of the admins. If you decide to buy an account from someone else this is entirely at your own risk.

Social Behaviour

To maintain a friendly gaming atmosphere where people of all ages can enjoy themselves, we expect our users to follow the following behavioural rules.

  1. Help others when you can. Everyone was a new player once, be friendly to people with less experience than yourself.
  2. No advertising of games, websites or other commercial purposes
  3. Do not use this game to express your political ideas, this includes the forums, private messages, team names and otherwise.
  4. No harassing other players. If you don't like someone, ignore this person.
  5. No abusive or sexually oriented language.
  6. Do not provoke other users in breaking these rules. Eg. if someone spams you, do not reply but report him/her if he/she still continues.
  7. It is not allowed to block advertisements on this site (they make this site free for you to play)

If you don't follow these rules, you will receive a warning. Repeated offenses will be punished by banning.

Serious offenses can also lead to immediate banning.

Dealing with bugs

We can't prevent the fact that there might be errors in the way the game works. In computer terms, these are called bugs. If you find a bug in the game, you are expected to report this to a game admin. We will do our best to solve the problem. In the meantime, you should not use possible side-effects of this bug to your advantage or to harm others.

  1. Abuse of bugs is punishable by banning or other measures deemed appropriate.
  2. We are not obliged to repair negative effects caused by bugs.
  3. We are entitled to correct unfair advantages caused by bugs.


  1. Rocking Soccer/Delft Games are not responsible for mistakes in translations other than English or Dutch.
  2. Delft Games is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this website.
  3. All names and faces of players and clubs in this game are fictional. Any resemblance to real people or clubs is unintentional.


  1. You are expected to use common sense in everything that is not described above.
  2. If you behave reasonable, we will too, if not, we might not either.
  3. In case of disagreement, the Game Admins decide. Their decision can not be disputed.