Terms of service

This is offered to you for free. All we ask of you is play by the rules and use your common sense about fair play in situations not described here.

Forum rules

These rules apply to all of the forums in Rocking Soccer, the ingame message system and any other method by which you can communicate with other players in the game.

If you see other people break these rules, please report them to one of the forum moderators. Under no circumstances does this entitle you to break rules as well.


The forum and message system are a way to communicate with other users of the game. These channels should not be abused to draw attention to you, your team or your players in ways that are not specifically allowed in this chapter.

  1. Tickets: You can't post links to sell tickets on the forum or send them by private messages. The only exception is the ticket blog where you can add a link if you write about your upcoming match. There are strict rules to this topic that are included in the first post, do not post there if you can't or don't want to write about your match. You can find help on how to sell your tickets here: Sell tickets.
  2. Transfers: It's not allowed to post links to players you are selling or want to sell on the forum or send them by private messages to people who have not asked you about them. The only exception is the transfer section on the forum that is available during transfer windows. This section has strict rules that can be found on top of the forum, read them before posting there. The forum closes when the transfer deadline closes, it's not allowed to post links in other sections of the forum when the transfer forum is closed.
  3. National team: If you want to be elected as manager of a national team you need to fill in a clear candidate description on the page where you register for the election that explains why people should vote for you. You can also post on the forum if the national team has a community and a national team topic exists. You are not allowed to send private messages asking people to vote for you. If you do this you can be disqualified from the election.
  4. Advertising: You can not use our forums, private messages or other communication channels to advertise other games, commercial products or anything else that is not related to Rocking Soccer.

General forum rules

  1. Stay on topic: Pay attention to the topic of the conversation. If you want to post about a topic for which a thread exists, then post in that thread. If you want to post about a new topic, then make a new thread.
  2. Don't make it personal: Respond to arguments, not to people.
  3. Subjects: The Rocking Soccer forums should only be used to talk about things related to this game. The only exception is the real life section of the forum, where you can talk about real life football. Specifically, political, religious or sexual comments are not allowed.
  4. Admin issues: If you suspect someone is cheating, contact a community admin by private messages. Specific cases can not be discussed on the public forum. It is allowed to ask questions about rules, but only in a general sense and without mentioning names. If you disagree with a decision from an admin you can contact a global admin for a second opinion but we will never discuss anything related to cheating and punishments in public.

Forum warnings and penalties

Forum posts can be deleted by admins if they the rules described on this page, or rules for specific parts of the forum that are explained in that section or topic. You will receive a message explain the general reason why your post was deleted. This is considered a warning, so pay attention to these messages and make sure you understand why your post was deleted. You can ask a community admin if something is not clear.

Users who don't follow the forum rules can be banned from the forum. Depending on the nature of the violation a warning may be sent first.

An admin may also decide to delete all messages you have sent.

Users who are banned from the forum can not post on the forum and can't send private messages except to community admins and people who added them as their friend.