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Please reduce the contingency of the transfer market. (3)

vn Yunzhong >> tuesday april 16 - 02:20

I think the contingency of  the transfer market is too high.More than once, the player who I wanted to buy met all the transfer conditions.The system showed that I had a 70% or even higher probability of success in getting them.But in the end, they were bought by others. Have you ever had a similar situation, bros?

vn Yunzhong
zm 弗格森 >> tuesday april 16 - 05:14

70% is not much, 30% is sometimes a lot. It seems wield but it is true. Blame RNG.

zm 弗格森
hk ManUtd
wal Numpty >> tuesday april 16 - 08:33, Edited tuesday april 16 - 08:33

I guess it's happened to most of us. 

But exactly what is it that you want to change? If you reduce one element in the transfer conditions then others will be proportionally greater. 

I quite like how it works now with multiple transfer conditions where money is not the only factor in who gets the player. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets