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Scout option to search all players (7)

wal Numpty >> tuesday september 10 - 17:26, Edited tuesday september 10 - 17:28

This suggestion came to me mainly because of the effort involved in making various "Top 10" lists. 

The scout search parameters currently allow players to be searched if they are listed for Transfer, for Loan, or are available for transfer on their player profile. 

My suggestion is to have an additional scout search parameter that allows all players to be searched regardless of their transfer status. 

This would help in (1.) finding players for making potential transfer offers and (2.) for collating various lists.  

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ee Balthazor >> tuesday september 10 - 19:33

If it's available for lower SO than level 12, it would turn pointless whole SO and system of regions. Credit players are already pointless. It will be surely denied by Vincent. 

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn
wal Numpty >> tuesday september 10 - 19:59

I'm not trying to change the way the scout regions work, so would assume that you would still only find players in your chosen regions.  

It's simply a case of having an extra option to search for players that aren't transfer listed. We can find them anyway by manually scouting through the clubs, it's just very time consuming. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
tr Mustafa >> thursday september 12 - 05:22

I absolutely agree with that.  I think it would be great to have this feature.

tr Mustafa
tr FC Kadıoğlu Gençlik ⭐
lv Gipsons >> thursday september 12 - 07:14

This would be very nice feature

lv Gipsons
lv FC Jaunmārupes Lauvas
gr PMK >> thursday september 12 - 12:22
Although it would be a very useful tool for scouting players, it would also remove a part of the game, and by that i mean manually searching teams for players and rewarding those users with a potential new asset, especially players from bot teams, on which the user gets an extra 20% chance of buying the player.
gr PMK
gr Aigamis
au davo >> tuesday september 17 - 14:31

It would be nice just to have things in the Rankings section such as:

Top Value (Player)

Top Passing (Player)

Top Scoring (Player)

Top Duelling (Player)

Top Blocking (Player)

Top Talent (Player)

au davo
au Real Kellyville