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Fix transfer value market (5)

pl MAT >> saturday january 1 - 11:20
It is not the fault of the players with these prices.

Why should anyone suffer from a faulty system?

Please, fix system value market.
pl MAT
dk Mystic Warrior Copenhagen
lv Tamaz >> monday january 3 - 06:11

Not gonna happen. Suggested 100 times in past.

No one cares.

lv Tamaz
lv Football Club Skonto
lv Ar4ers >> monday january 3 - 14:27

Need to invest in players which are worth half of market value or in bank products 

lv Ar4ers
lv Rīgas Dinamo
eng Dragontao >> thursday january 13 - 22:59

Not strictly true Tamaz, it's just that the only person who can fix it doesn't give a damn.

eng Dragontao
eng Totally unmanaged