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Klopp (2)

eng Lee >> friday january 26 - 18:21

As a Liverpool fan I was shocked to see today's announcement but completely understand Klopp's reasons for wanting to step down.

I've been a Rocking Soccer manager for about the same amount of time that Klopp has been at Liverpool, and yes, he has to deal with real people, real money, and real-life situations, but other than that I think the stress we both endure on a daily basis is about the same.

To be clear, my energy levels are still good, so I will not be stepping down at the end of the season.

eng Lee
eng Canvey Pixels
eng Stephen >> friday january 26 - 19:14

Pleased to hear it @Lee. You are no quitter and, in any event, the football world could not face being rocked by news of your departure too.

I hope the Pixels chairman will be giving you a new contract to keep Liverpool from making you an offer to replace Klopp.

eng Stephen
Head Admin
eng Seaburn Beach