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Selling a player to the bank(33% of value) (27)

nl Aad Mansveld >> sunday february 2 - 19:05

dont agree at tha moment players were too expensive to catch up with the topteams. now a strategy is needed and not just build buildings 

nl Aad Mansveld
nl FC Den Haag
nl Joost >> sunday february 2 - 19:12

I agree Aad!

It was even impossible to buy a talented player while more than 100 managers were trying to buy the same talents. 

nl Joost
nl Boy >> sunday february 2 - 21:11

Players were expensive and topteams could afford them but it cost them a lot of money because of the competition for those top players. Nowadays they dont need that anymore. They develop them themselves. Or they buy topplayers fairly cheap.

nl Boy
nl Beveren
rs Miroslav Karaicic >> monday february 3 - 07:17, Edited monday february 3 - 07:18

To be successful, you just have to build up your facilities to the top. A way has to be found to allow weaker teams some sort of success option, the match engine has to be updated. No match should be won automatically by merely having the better players. Many games of the best teams are won with  ridiculous strategy (midfield players missing, overcrowding forwards, wings empty etc). No matter how good you are, if you play a ridiculous set up, you loose. Also, playing very young players in competitive games, so they can gain xp points, should also be influencing the match itself, because you actually miss one player in a crucial position with that 15 year old on the pitch. Change the match engine, update the game tactics and strategy. Otherwise it is becoming borring.

rs Miroslav Karaicic
rs FK Balačko
cz ArchStorm >> saturday february 8 - 08:58

i agree with punishing team with stupid positions on pitch.. like if he plays without wings opponent wings get  at least 200% bonus  or something like that

lowering selling prices for everybody hurts mostly new players so its not what you want..and also it means there would be be only 1 way how to make money( selling tickets )

more useful will be not allowed bots pay stupidly high prices for players from specific value.. thats how rich get even richer... 

also support new managers or teams in lower leagues( to creates chances for not that succeful teams be more competitive) increase popularity for BOT(computer)  teams to 120% of team popularity... selling tickets is 1 of 2 ways to make money.. secod is selling players ofc and not that succesful teams dont have that money (new manazer too) to buy facilities...

cz ArchStorm
cz FK Archie
eng Stephen >> saturday february 8 - 10:26

@Archstorm - I never understand the argument that ‘lowering selling prices for everybody hurts mostly new players’. The market value of every player is just a guide. If you look at the list of players for sale in every transfer window now, you will see lots and lots of players for sale at or above their market value with zero bids on them. The real value of these players is well below their ‘market value’. 

The price of players in the transfer market actually helps new players in my opinion. You can pick up decent players for a fraction of the price they used to cost. Sure, it’s difficult to make 200mRSD from a lucky youth centre pull, but surely relying on getting a lucky pull was never really a strategy? A very helpful bonus perhaps, but never a strategy.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
wal Numpty >> saturday february 8 - 17:36

Fair points @Stephen.

On the first point, new managers building a club from scratch will sell almost all their players at or below the max bank value. Having players above the MBV would be quite rare.  So for these managers @Arch is correct,  lowering prices would be a disadvantage as it would decrease the profit from "farming". 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ca Alex Seymour >> sunday february 9 - 09:53, Edited sunday february 9 - 09:54

The problem of the market value being too high for players is that for people with non VIP, it takes days to keep listing expensive players at their correct value as you can only lower the price so much for a player when you list.

That takes patience and holds up a transfer slot for days. We need a player re-evaluation ASAP. I'd slash all player values by 50% except for some really talented youngsters and some keepers. I'll let Vincent work out what the algorithm of that should be, if he's still around.

ca Alex Seymour
ca Hamilton FC
eng Stephen >> sunday february 9 - 10:44

Agree totally, Alex. The mid season window must be impossible trying to sell an average player with the maximum market value. Even putting such a player on for minimum price, it’d take at least three days for the player to drop into the price range where someone would even consider buying him.

Even as a VIP player, I struggled to shift this type of player in the mid season window. If I could have listed for half of the current minimum price, it’d have been a lot easier.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ >> sunday february 9 - 14:16

I also agree, what's more annoying is when the price is getting too low to a reasonable amount and you missed logging in and found out that you have to start all over again. 

ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ
ng ¤_Naija boyz fc_¤
se Kupus >> sunday february 9 - 16:05

@Alex Seymour

There is another group of players where price should increase. By reviewing loads of transfers it clearly shows that old players (+32) many times has a too low market value and is sold for 2-3 times more than the set value.

se Kupus
Community admin
de Regnum Croatorum
us Dug >> sunday february 9 - 17:03

@Alex Seymour @Kupus

I started out building as fast as I could while purchasing older players, often for 3 times their value as Alex said.  I cab see the point of letting managers lower their bid below the current thresholds.  Doing so may increase the activity in the market and provide a path for new managers to become competitive quicker. 

us Dug