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remove luck and random factor - unfair transfer and game results (20)

ee onuelver >> monday april 26 - 10:26

At first WHY the hell this game should be more boring than real life? In Premier League City, Chelsea or Liverpool or some other medal candidate usually will lose at least one match to some relegation candidate. Not speaking about Dortmund in Bundesliga who can lose to every team in lowest third of table but win most of matches against direct rivals. 

Your opponent is in most lines stronger with only very bad keeper but your tactic is more questionable. Linear midfield is weaker than triangle and behind CB is more free room so i don't see why you should win that match- it can go to both sides and your team had only 1 chance in whole match. Maybe 0-0 would be more logical result but your keeper had worse day like Alisson had 2-3 terrible matches in a row and he is still counted to be one of the best keepers. 

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
ca Maniaque >> thursday april 29 - 09:32, Edited thursday april 29 - 09:49

again a stupid result in my last game. got a tie against a much weaker team which has given 3 times more goals than they scored during the season. my team again made many more shots but again still cant score while the other team has an outstanding scoring percentage on the shots. 4 out of 5 of my last games were dissapointing and the scores makes no sense. i also won a game i should have lost. tied 2 games against much weaker teams and lost another i should have won easily. 

ca Maniaque
se Stockholm CA
wal Numpty >> thursday april 29 - 10:27, Edited thursday april 29 - 10:52

Well I looked at that last match for you.

Not a stupid result at all. The opponent's team may be slightly weaker, but not much weaker where it really matters. You were also outplayed tactically by a manager who knows what he's doing. That kept him in the game and gave him a chance of a draw.

The odds were in your favour so you were a little unfortunate not to get the win but only a little and 1-1 was a reasonable outcome and well within the normal statistical distribution. 

There will always be some games where you are unlucky. But if you think you are consistently unlucky then that should tell you something about your understanding of the game and tactics.  Consistently 'bad luck' gives you learning opportunities. 

I think that's probably the real issue here. The less you understand about how the match engine works - tactics, players and specials etc. - means you may be seeing more random in the game than there actually is. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ir amirhosein >> thursday april 29 - 13:07

Game developers don't see  suggestions they even don't fix the bugs.

ir amirhosein
ir Crown of Asia
eng ipfreely >> thursday april 29 - 18:08

Yep both teams scored with their only shot on target. Having CBs instead of DCBs means they're less likely to block shots from wide positions - look where your CBs were then they scored. Conversely, your opponent's DCBs blocked 4 of your shots because they were sat deep enough to get in the way.

eng ipfreely
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