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How many matches are needed for 1000 position xp? (16)

ua Numpty >> thursday february 23 - 12:43, Edited thursday february 23 - 17:44

An update to add some extra details. 

Secondary Positions

Some playing positions give position xp to 2 different positions. I believe that these are RWB, LWB, DM, AM, RAM, LAM, RW and LW.  The secondary positions have a maximum amount of 500 instead of 1000. Whether the player loses or gains positional xp depends on his starting value. If it's already over 500 then the player loses some xp instead.

Secondary position xp can be calculated in exactly the same way. Simply use the value of 500 instead of 1000 in all of the calculations. 


A defender with Mid xp 100 and Def xp 990 plays a match as a DM. In this case the primary position is in midfield and the seconday position is defence. 

He gets the following: 

  • Mid xp increases by (1000 - 100) / 100 = +9
  • Mid xp = 109
  • Def xp increases by (500 - 990) / 100 = -4.9 (negative)
  • Def xp = 985.1

Losing Positional xp

Positional xp only changes when playing a match. So it never goes down by not playing.  When playing as a forward then the player loses Gk xp, Def xp and Mid xp. And the same for other positions, he always loses xp from the positions in which he does not play, at a rate of 1% of the current value. (Secondary positions work as above.)

  • New Pos xp = Current * 0.99

Total position xp after playing n matches in a different position

  • Total (T) = Current * 0.99^n

Playing in the same position

Naturally when calculating the total xp for a number of matches then the formula only works if the player always plays in the same position. A forward plays as a forward and a defender as a defender etc. 

Similarly for the secondary positions, when calculating the total xp for a number of matches then the formula only works if the player always plays in a position which gives secondary position xp. 

If the player plays out of position, then any calculations have to be done one match at a time. Match order is important as you'll get a slightly different amount if a player plays RAM, RW instead of RW, RAM. 

One match at a time

Quick method if you want to calculate one match at a time:

  • Primary Position xp = Current * 0.99 +10
  • Secondary Position xp = Current * 0.99 + 5
  • Other Position xp =  Current * 0.99 

Starting Amounts

The recorded amounts on each player's proflie are all rounded values. However, based on a hunch I've looked at a few players from when they first joined the game. After tracking their pos xp for a short while I am reasonably confident that they started with integer values - these are not rounded and are therefore accurate. Not important, of couse, but allows you to track their exact values if you wish to do so.

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