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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (13357)

ng Dam >> wednesday january 15 - 07:01

The best achievement so far in qualifying for the Oceanic league quarter final since I've taken charge and I'm so happy for my boys and I'm sure this next home league match is a win for me.

A weak opponent with average players will visit and 3points is certain,get a ticket to watch this match. Hopefully we can retain the 3rd position till the end of the season.

ng Dam
pw ⭐ Barcelona SC⭐
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> wednesday january 15 - 08:13


Another loss is coming. We are facing the champion again this season. We might as well stay home as we have been pummeled in every game that we had against them. But we will try to put it some fight but we should lose by 2-4 goals. Anyway we will keep the money.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
rs Zoki >> wednesday january 15 - 11:09, Edited wednesday january 15 - 11:13

Hi ppl. Im here again.

I thought I dont need to remember you again for my free tickets on my next match. But never mind I give you the information. You know the girls are waiting you in our city so can leave your wife at home if you got in off money:)

rs Zoki
de bask >> thursday january 16 - 09:11

this match against faketown means nothing at all for the league since i'm stuck in the second position with no chanche to get into other lacement so i let play as many reserves i could, the result doesn't matters. let's hope for a win but easy now,

de bask
cv Robur Praia
pt Castr0 >> thursday january 16 - 09:43

Hi managers. 

This home match is against a bot team. I have a good change to get some points here if i don't get an important player injured or banned from the match.

I need to get the 3 points because i'm near the relegated zone.

pt Castr0
pt Castr0 FC
it Roninluke >> thursday january 16 - 13:58

Hello everybody! Almost at the end of the season, a very tough one. Teams are improving really fast and the level of the competition has increased a lot. Difficult for the Raiders to keep up with them: that's why we need your help! The first 1000 supporters to buy tickets for both matches, will have a discount for next season pass and for beer!

it Roninluke
is Vatnajokull Raiders
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> friday january 17 - 00:52

Hello Managers

We are into the last phase of the season. Looks like we are still the third best as we cannot make any progress towards the top 2. We need to get better players around us. We should be able to win this game however. Please come and support us.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
es Luis >> friday january 17 - 12:24

Hello good days roking friends is already finishing the league and it has not been a good season neither could aspire to much but well we will continue fighting with the young kids so I leave you the link of my last game at home so give it a like

es Luis
cu La Revolucion
ng Dam >> friday january 17 - 13:15

PKS FC is the next visiting team on our stadium, they'll be hoping to get things done but we must not relent and we must be very vigilant. Fatigue has been the order of the day but I'm learning to manage my players.

Get a ticket to watch this match as we keep on battling for the third position in Palau league

ng Dam
pw ⭐ Barcelona SC⭐
ng De Don >> friday january 17 - 16:24

Hello managers good day. Its another home game, and am here with the tickets. We would be playing again newster, we've not been doing that well, but we hope to take home all three points. The season is about to finish, and we want to take the remaining games serious. Come and support us.

ng De Don
ng Donfaith fc
ie Minigad >> friday january 17 - 16:55

Hi everyone!

Last home game for my Irish team, Corcaigh AODV, and last tickets sale for this season. On Monday I will face a bot-team (Howth Town). I must stay on the 5th spot because I will play against a new manager (Ayrfield Rovers 20) on Saturday and 3 bots afterwards.

Will you be there?

ie Minigad
fr An Oriant Da Viken
za Jamal >> saturday january 18 - 07:51

Ladies and gentlemen 

We invite you all to our last home game of the season, its confirmed, next season we'll be playing on the second lower division. It would be great if you could all come in numbers. Tickets are now available at very low prices. Hurry 

za Jamal
sv Gor Mahia
es Bixo >> saturday january 18 - 09:34
The season is coming to an end and the games are increasingly difficult to win, it is not time to lose any points. On sale tickets for a new match of our team. On the break snacks for everyone.

es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa
mn guanjunjiaofu >> saturday january 18 - 10:41

Hello everyone, this is the last home match of our team, also, it is the first match in our new stadium.  We will face the second strongest team in our league this time, it is not easy to win, but we will do our best. Thank you for your support!

mn guanjunjiaofu
mn FC AC Milan