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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (12707)

my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> friday february 14 - 13:50

Hello Managers

We are looking to obuild a new stadium and will take sometimes to get it going. So we need a full stadium in all our home games. Please come and support us. We should be able to win this game comfortably with our current squad.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
ng Hero >> friday february 14 - 20:34

Welcome to my coming home soccer league game against one of the prominent team in the league. He is good in attacking and scoring goals so a good plan have been put in place specially for this game. You all are welcome to come and buy ticket to this my match and also come to watch it. See you all there. 

ng Hero
ng Hiro88 FC
qa Gene >> friday february 14 - 21:55

We managed to get a draw in our last match, we were expecting more than that though. The get a win in our next match, we've decided to use different formation and give room for young players to showcase their talent. We've prepared your ticket to the match, so you won't miss at all

qa Gene
qa Man City
cn gangba >> saturday february 15 - 02:32

HI,ALL. THE NEXT HOME MATCH COMING SOON. WE WILL FACE Dublin United after tomorrow,they are bot,so i think its easy to win 3 points. anyway, most players of our team are young boys,hope they can play very well this season. thank you guys.!

cn gangba
ie Gangba
eng Tottenham Hotspur >> saturday february 15 - 15:22

Monday sees my Spurs, currently in 7th place in div1 with 8 points, take on the team in 8th place, Leaps Losers who has 7 points, as do 9th and 10th placed teams so with the bottom 2 going down, points are crucial at the moment so we'll be trying our best to get a good win. I need to start scoring more goals too so hopefully another very exciting match on the cards. :)

eng Tottenham Hotspur
au Mancunian's Spurs
ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ >> saturday february 15 - 16:52

we now focus on league games since we have been eliminated from both national cup and continental tour.

So up next is against petcel academy

we have never lost to petcel academy at home, contrary to our home record against last home game opponent Sonicstar which defeated us once. Petcel academy has only test draw at this ground 2 time's, this week due to to poor my team has become they might try to break this record, but I still believe my boys are equal to every task, to hopefully my Boyz come out with a win and clean sheets here. Though my main defender is injured, so will be replaced by my youth player. 

ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ
ng ¤_Naija boyz fc_¤
za Jamal >> saturday february 15 - 19:00

Hey everyone 

My boys just got knocked out of the semifinal youth Cup, I was hoping maybe, just maybe we could go all the way but things didn't go as we planned. Our focus now is to win league games as much as we can and gain promotion to the higher division. Tickets for our next home game are now available, please come in numbers 

za Jamal
sv Gor Mahia
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> sunday february 16 - 07:36

Hello Managers

A tough game is coming and we do not expect to get any point out of this game again. We have no chance against this team since forever and very frusrating. We are giviing up on this game but we want to collect some money to build a new stadium. Please come and donate some.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
ru Mr. Arpit >> sunday february 16 - 08:47

Yo everyone! I've found myself in the middle of the group and it is very exciting! However I'm gonna battle some difficult teams like FC Ulhasnagar!! They're the best team in the country and it is really gonna take something to win against them! I need you support guys so do attend the match!

ru Mr. Arpit
in Thundering Pune
pii >> sunday february 16 - 13:20

Our game is coming up soon, support us please we need to pickup a lot of three points,we not going to relegation, because my team is performing against relevant opponent, in fact we only try to play every day with fun, we don't care to scout opponent but we have one thing in mind until we gather enough money to upgrade our stadium

kp Korea DPR
ng Julie >> sunday february 16 - 13:20, Edited sunday february 16 - 13:21

If we play like one of the the best teams in this game we are capable of causing anyone problems. For our fans and the board to be happy with us in this game,  we have to create chance after chance.  I think we can do better in front of goal, sometimes you need that cool head in the box to take or grab those chances.  So Lovely people..  We highly recommend your support to this game

ng Julie
gib Gibraltar
ng Manager Dam >> sunday february 16 - 16:38

FC Ngerulmud comes visiting with much expectations after beating Koror island FC. I'm taking no chance against this team to avoid any setback in our quest to be in the top 3 this season as we achieved last season.

Get a ticket to watch how I plan to break and unbalance the defense

ng Manager Dam
pw Achi£v£r FC
es Bixo >> monday february 17 - 04:56
The ticket offices of the stadium for the sale of the tickets of the match of our team of the League of Andorra are opened. If you buy one before Tuesday you will be given another one of equal or lesser value. At the snack break for all attendees.

es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa