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Server problems (9)

nl Vincent de Boer >> thursday april 11 - 19:01
As you have probably noticed we have been experiencing server problems the past few days. This appears to have been caused by some sort of script accessing a lot of invalid pages. Whether this was an accidental or intentional attack we can't say yet.

We have fixed the problem for now. We'll keep investigating and do our best to avoid future problems of this nature. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
nl Vincent de Boer
Head Developer
nl Invincible Delft
tr ★sír ílkєr★ >> thursday april 11 - 19:04

I think it's probably a deliberate attack.

tr ★sír ílkєr★
sx Fort Ajax
nl Joddit >> thursday april 11 - 19:07

I had noticed. Thank you for explaining. 

nl Joddit
nl Domstad FC
eng Stephen >> thursday april 11 - 19:14

Thanks for letting us know.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
be Angeldust >> thursday april 11 - 19:23

We need more of this... communication! 
Good luck with finding the root of the problem.

be Angeldust
be Gantoise
pt Sir Alex >> thursday april 11 - 21:43
Thks for the news. I hope you can fix this problem.
pt Sir Alex
pt Ala-Arriba Benfica
br DeivBarros >> friday april 12 - 00:30
Thanks for letting us know.
br DeivBarros
Community admin
br Belo Jardim Futebol ⭐
ar JoaquinSaint >> friday april 12 - 04:05

I hope it doesn´t happen again. Thanks you for fix it.

ar JoaquinSaint
ar FC Saint-Joaquín
eng holt >> friday april 12 - 05:37

@Angeldust Well,Vincent wrote the code so....

Someone probably DDOS the server or smtn.

eng holt
si Revival FC