Scammonden Daoists eng

NameScammonden Daoists
Managereng Monk offline
Satellite clubie Sixbridge Academicals
CountryEngland eng
StadiumThe Monastery, Capacity: 200,000
U21 squadYes
Leagueeng League of England
Cupeng Cup
Next match (all)Today - 10:24
eng Scammonden Daoists vs. eng Seaburn Beach (League of England)
Recent matches (all)WWLWW?
Star players (all)
Average best squad
The average best squad value is calculated by taking the keeper and the best 10 field players (regardless of position). It includes half of the youth bonus for U21 players.

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Player Hall of Fame

eng Scott ForestierDefender478740
ao António NavaisForward45416210
eng Scott SineDefender441110
eng Peter PottellDefender416000
eng Timothy HuskDefender311000
eng Kurt PeppercornForward30524680
eng Hugh ArmerMidfielder27623820
eng Dylan FarringtonForward18714220
eng Jay RudyDefender1783660
br Marcos CastanhedaMidfielder145501380
eng Danny LinderDefender123880