Ønslev FC East az

NameØnslev FC East
Managerdk Rene offline
Parent clubdk Ønslev FC
CountryAzerbaijan az
StadiumHades, Capacity: 200,000
U21 squadYes
Leagueaz League of Azerbaijan
Cup8F az Cup
Next match (all)Tomorrow - 10:41
az Ønslev FC East vs. az Samur #3 (League of Azerbaijan)
Recent matches (all)WLWLW?
Star players (all)
Average best squad
The average best squad value is calculated by taking the keeper and the best 10 field players (regardless of position). It includes half of the youth bonus for U21 players.

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Player Hall of Fame

az Natig PashkevitchKeeper5770095
bw Demissie KaigwaDefender51531170
ck Opramb ToleafoaForward408713490
ch Micheal RuthMidfielder402693250
in Vighnesh GungabasanDefender37621120
td Kuaku BadjiMidfielder373694040
pal Aghilas MankariDefender36025170
ge Vakhtang DolgorukyDefender3591540
az Ayaz AkansuDefender32422120
ve Ángelo AbbarateguiMidfielder31032080
fr Lucas PauriolMidfielder2689440