FC Corozal Red Lions bz

NameFC Corozal Red Lions
Managerlv Gipsons offline
Parent clublv FC Jaunmārupes Lauvas
CountryBelize bz
StadiumLion Field, Capacity: 200,000
U21 squadYes
Leaguebz League of Belize
Cupbz Cup
Next match (all)Tomorrow - 16:28
bz FC Corozal Red Lions vs. bz Boreham Wood Belize (League of Belize)
Recent matches (all)WWW?
Star players (all)
Average best squad
The average best squad value is calculated by taking the keeper and the best 10 field players (regardless of position). It includes half of the youth bonus for U21 players.

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Player Hall of Fame

eng Rick HedrickDefender419211
sz Madiba HadebeForward411667500
ma Masid El ShnawyMidfielder40952210
sa Kateb SoltanDefender393930
cu Amador BielmaKeeper38600286
tj Georgy BirkinMidfielder3852666550
ke Jenbere LusalahMidfielder366304320
co Pancho AnsotegiDefender360100
pg Osman PatkarMidfielder356603180
sa Ennesbek Al NasriDefender337100
ky Rob ChaferForward335536210
ca Yaroslav BegunovForward330577660
cn Jen-kan LungMidfielder3271603470
gr Andreas AngelomatisDefender3071440
au Marlon GlaisherKeeper30300203