League of Antigua and Barbuda season 78 [2]


This is an estimate of the TV-revenue collected so far for this league. No rights can be derived from this preview. The TV revenue is awarded at the end of the season, before the league playoffs start. 180 of 180 matches in this league have been played.

NamePointsEstimated share
1ag FC Piggotts #366RSD9 358 751
2ag Philipsburg #566RSD9 358 751
3ag FC Piggotts #265RSD9 216 952
4ag FC Saint John's #258RSD8 224 357
5ag FC Bolans #357RSD8 082 558
6ag FC Piggotts52RSD7 373 562
7ag FC Saint John’s #446RSD6 522 766
8ag FC Bolans #444RSD6 239 168
9ag FC Saint John’s #230RSD4 253 978
10ag FC Saint John’s #318RSD2 552 387