League of Belgium season 55 [2]

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Belgium on the game Rocking Soccer.

1be B_L_A9330093
2be FC globeshotters7321061
3be Anversois7321095
4be FC Den Eendracht Aalst63201115
5be FC Ajoin6320164
6be SV Evergem5312097
7be PAOK Nikiti5312087
8be SV Kapellen #25312076
9be KSV Oudenaarde4311134
10be Thor Waterschei3310254
11be Spartak Lier3303033
12be FC Ledeberg3310268
13be Schoten SK3310246
14be VV Jooten3310259
15be legia zammel2302147
16be Crybabies1301258
17be Liège Wolves 2 513012410
18be Jupkes03003310