League of Colombia season 62 [2]

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Colombia on the game Rocking Soccer.

1co Medellín #43110020
2co Bucaramanga #2 13110032
3co Bello FC3110021
co Atlético cartagena3110021
5co FC Aging Amphibians3110010
co Gargapeta3110010
7co Leones Dorados1101033
co CAFB1101033
9co Alcoholic Force 11101000
co jijiji1101000
11co El Cerrito0000000
co Medellín0000000
co Medellín #30000000
co Santa Marta #40000000
15co Puerto Carreño0100123
16co CF Supatima0100112
co Cortulua0100112
18co Barranquilla0100101
co El Cerrito #30100101
20co Atlético Yolombó0100102