League of Fiji season 57


This is an estimate of the TV-revenue collected so far for this league. No rights can be derived from this preview. The TV revenue is awarded at the end of the season, before the league playoffs start. 180 of 180 matches in this league have been played.

NamePointsEstimated share
1fj Ahau United FC96RSD16 066 356
2fj OKC FC88RSD14 727 493
3fj Fiyi Dolphins57RSD9 539 399
4fj TaZZ_Melilla57RSD9 539 399
5fj Jeka 556RSD9 372 041
6fj FC Sigatoka #252RSD8 702 610
7fj FC Nadi #549RSD8 200 536
8fj FC Levuka38RSD6 359 599
9fj FC Ba #320RSD3 347 158
10fj Big teets fc0RSD0