League of El Salvador season 73 [2]


This is an estimate of the TV-revenue collected so far for this league. No rights can be derived from this preview. The TV revenue is awarded at the end of the season, before the league playoffs start. 180 of 180 matches in this league have been played.

NamePointsEstimated share
1sv FC Santa Ana #272RSD10 088 962
2sv FC El Congo63RSD8 827 842
3sv FC San Miguel #563RSD8 827 842
4sv FC San Miguel60RSD8 407 468
5sv FC Berlín58RSD8 127 219
6sv FC San Marcos57RSD7 987 095
7sv FC San Miguel #352RSD7 286 472
8sv FC Nueva San Salvador52RSD7 286 472
9sv FC Guazapa #324RSD3 362 987
10sv Puntarenas7RSD980 871