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Nations League (25)

vi inayima >> saturday december 1 - 15:52, Edited saturday december 1 - 17:03
The finals will be played after the qualifications end, if one the finalists of the league already qualified to the groups stage of the euros the next ranked team on the league (that failed to earn a place) will play the finals instead.

So this actually gives them a second chance to play the euros

Let's say Belgium ends third on their euro qualification group, if one of the finalists (like England) qualified directly they will play the Nations League finals instead , thus giving them another chance to play the Euro 2020

Basically for league A this are something like official friendlies, for league B an easier chance to qualify if they failed to normal route and for C and D it's almost their only actual chance.
vi inayima
nu Komeiji Ofc
us Joey Zyla >> saturday december 1 - 16:27

The Netherlands will win.

us Joey Zyla
nl BVV Bergen
nl Losing >> saturday december 1 - 17:22

I wonder what happens with the play-offs for league A when most of them have already qualified. After all they have the highest chance and there's only 12 of them. Play-offs will basically be whoever hasn't qualified yet but there's a big chance it's gonna be less than 4 teams, or worse for the organisation 0. Who's gonna take that final spot then?

nl Losing
nl FC NietGoed
vi inayima >> saturday december 1 - 17:33, Edited saturday december 1 - 17:34
If a league does not have four teams to compete, the remaining slots are allocated to teams from another league, according to the overall UEFA Nations League ranking.

Basically if 3 teams of league A failed to qualify then the best team of league B that failed will be screwed because they will have to play against those 3.

Let's say that for some reason only Iceland and Croatia (League A) don't qualify to the euros that doesn't mean the spot will be decided between them but that the best teams of league B that didn't made it will play with them (currently Bosnia and Ukraine) and that the next ones of their league (Russia and Austria) will take theis spots on the finals of league B
vi inayima
nu Komeiji Ofc
nl Losing >> saturday december 1 - 21:09

Thought that might be the case, but that it couldn't be because that wouldn't be fair. I think it's better if #5 and 6 of League B fill those spots, that way it would only increase or not influence the chances of any individual team if less than 4 teams from League A don't qualify. Don't make it decrease the chances of qualifying for the best performing teams of League B, otherwise spot 6 in League B gives you better prospects than #1 and 2.

nl Losing
nl FC NietGoed
eng holt >> sunday december 2 - 05:48

so basically this Nations League is meaningless,but it still has meaning cause it gives preference to some teams entering into the Euros ?

eng holt
kos Thermostadt FC
eng Stephen >> sunday december 2 - 09:13

If that’s what you want to take from all those posts, then please yourself.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
ro Andrei >> sunday december 2 - 09:55
"so basically this Nations League is meaningless,but it still has meaning ... "

Make up your mind, Holt. Which is it?
ro Andrei
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fo Skúvoy Wednesday
ca Alex Seymour >> monday december 3 - 04:57

Doesn't every man and his dog qualify for the Euros these days?
It's getting harder and harder to not qualify.

ca Alex Seymour
ca Hamilton FC
eng Dragontao >> monday december 3 - 07:54

World Cup will be the same soon enough Alex, with the expanded tournament.

eng Dragontao
eng FC KedOff