The basics: Rocking Soccer countries

There are more than 200 countries available in Rocking Soccer. Players can be created from all of these countries and if there are at least 17 players from a country it will also get a national team.

Not all of these countries have an active league yet. They can be activated when four users sign up for the waiting list of that country.

Which countries are added?

Not all of our "countries" are independent countries in the political sense. Scotland is for example part of the United Kingdom, but they have their own national league and national team.

Our "countries" are really organisations that are either a member of FIFA, and therefore have a national team playing official competitions, or organise their own soccer league.


In a similar way, our "continents" are taken from the football world. Australia lies in Oceania but plays international football in Asia so we added it to Asia. Some other examples include Israel (playing in Europe), Surinam, Guyana and French Guiana (playing in North America) and Kazachstan (playing in Europe).