The basics: Getting a second team

Starting in season 27, managers who support us by having a V.I.P.-3 account can get a second team. The second team is meant to give these managers an extra challenge. It is not a tool to help other teams advance faster. There are therefore some restrictions to the second team.

How do I get a second team?

You need to have VIP3 and have finished both parts of the tutorial before you can take any second team.

Second teams always have to be new (non-advanced) teams.

You can't pick a second team in the same country as your first team.

Second teams do not start with the tutorial. Instead, they start with a higher amount of money and some credits to compensate for the bonuses from the tutorial.

Second teams do get the starter bonuses on construction time, popularity and stadium income.

They can also create one player for 1 credit, similar to the one new users can create as part of the tutorial.


Credits for the first and second team are separated. Both teams get daily credits from your V.I.P.-level. You can buy additional credits once per 2 months for both teams but these are separate actions.

When you pick a second team you start with 20 credits for that team. The credits you have on your main account can't be used for the second team and vice versa.

Transfer restrictions

There are a number of extra restrictions a second team faces on the transfer market.

No transfers are allowed between the first and second team of the same manager. Loaning players is allowed, but always through the open market. No closed deals can be made.

It's not allowed for one manager to bid on the same player with both his first and second team.

Second teams can only make bids on players that are in one of the scout regions selected by their own scout office.

Leaving a second team

When you have two teams you can leave any of them through the "account" page. If you leave your second team you are free to take another second team as long as you meet the requirements.

If you leave your first team when you have a second team, the second team automatically becomes your first team. It will take over the credits you had for your previous first team. The credits for your second team are lost.

It is not possible to switch to an advanced team when you have more than one team. If you want to do this you have to leave your second team before you can switch with your first team to another advanced team.

What happens when my V.I.P. expires?

If you no longer meet the requirements for having a second team, for example because your V.I.P. status expires, your second team will be blocked. It will still be yours but you will not be able to manage it.

After renewing your V.I.P. subscription the team will be automatically unblocked.

Fair Play

The second teams should be played as independent teams. Actions done with the second team should benefit that team. All the rules of behaviour that apply to first teams also apply to second teams.

In particular, transferring money to friends from your second team is not allowed.

Match fixing is also not allowed. If you use your second team to lose on purpose you can be penalized for it.

Penalties for cheating with a second account can be applied to the main account.

It is allowed for the first and second team to play friendlies against each other. This is not considered cheating. Getting players on loan from friends or from your first team is also allowed.