England: Coefficient Ranking

Ranking listRanking list
TeamSeason 52Season 53Season 54Season 55Season 56(Season 57)Total
eng Seaburn Beach18.00023.00016.00016.00017.00015.000105.000
eng Jaypridee Town14.50016.5009.0005.50021.00010.00076.500
eng Newcastle United15.00011.5004.00025.5004.0000.00060.000
eng Melchester Rovers-2.0004.0007.00012.0006.50031.500
eng Bolt On Wonderbras--2.500-4.500-7.000
eng Tottenham Hotspur FC4.000-----4.000
eng Les Gothiques Amiénois-----4.0004.000
eng Cardiff City FC0.5000.000----0.500
eng Northampton---0.000--0.000
Average coefficient10.400 (5)10.600 (5)7.100 (5)10.800 (5)11.700 (5)7.100 (5)

The league coefficient for a season is calculated by taking the average result of the teams in the champions league and continental league in that season. The total league coefficient is the sum of the coefficients of the last 5 seasons (excluding the current season).