About the game

From the first time I was walking on two legs I knew I would be a football lover. For me, it's the best sport that is out there. Why is that? Because you can enjoy it from the safety of your bed watching it on TV or you can go out there and run like a wolf and strike the ball with mighty power.

But for today I am going to resume on what rockingsoccer.com has got for us. Let me put it this way, this is the best, simple and fun to use football manager game out there. The gameplay makes you feel the energy of a manager that dedicates his time and effort to get out the best of his boys with unique tactics, while you can enjoy the element of surprise.

In order to enter this awesome game you go to the website and then, you can log in with a Facebook account or you can sign up for. It does not take long and from the first moments you get right to the action. The next step is to choose your team features, country, city, age of the team and many others. You will see what I am talking about when you begin yourself. After that you can go directly to play some matches with different teams in different cups or friendly matches. You then have options how the gameplay suits you, that means it can be watched in a slow mode or you can power up the speed and get the results in only a few seconds. So in this way you choose what do you want to feel in that moment, the suspense of every second of the game or the rush to victory. Another cool thing about it, is that you can invite different friends to join. Imagine that all your best buddies that you watch your favourite matches or go to the stadium, all in a race to beat each other in order to win the championship and the cup. So yes, you could use this game to interact more, and to spend quality time in the company of your best friends.

Well, these are the key elements that make this game a suitable option for you if interested in this area of sports. The field is clear and waiting for the next top quality manager. Oh, and a last thing since I started to play this game, I can say it has become a small part of my life. I mean there is not a day passing without checking the status of my team, to see what games are next and what can I expect from the future.