Online football managers

All my life I admired the land of football, the way that this sport has influenced so many people from just playing with friends in the back yard until they became top players at number one teams in the world. So yea this is why football is the most played sport in the world, because it's a challenge, it's not made for everyone and the atmosphere in a stadium can't be beaten by anything else.

I want to present to you a game on rockingsoccer.com that fulfils the desires of everyone who wants to be the leader of a team, making your own gameplay settings, choosing who you want to represent you, in other words being the manager of the team. That's right; this game brings up unique features, from the start you can join very easily by signing up with a new account. After that, things start to become more interesting, when you feel the power of doing things your own way, by choosing where do you want your team to be from, what name should it have and what age should the players be, you will understand better as you go one into the game. It does not take a long time and you can play your first match, and a cool thing about this is that you can let the game to be a real soccer match time or you can speed it up and go at the end to see who won. Rewards await you too; when you complete different tasks you will always get cash bonuses that help you build up your team power.

Me personally I play this game with my friends because I invited them when I joined it and I got to say it was a great idea. We have so much fun together and always bring new challenges one to each other that we really feel like the best manager out there. So I would suggest you do the same and ask your friends to join the game after all you have nothing to lose.

By getting yourself into the field you become attached to your team, all the decisions that you take will decide the fate of your team, what cup they will win, how many victories will be, what players you will buy, what sponsors will you attract. This game is the closest thing to reality because once you made your first step in this land, you start to realise the power you have and what you can do to it. Play smart and don't forget to have fun while doing this.