Countries in Africa (36)

This is the list of active countries in the Rocking Soccer game world. Every FIFA-member is represented in this multiplayer game with its own league, cup and qualification spots for the Champions League.

CountryFlagContinentLeague levelsTeamsLeague champion
AlgeriadzAfrica2 [1] [2]36FC El Djelfa (55x)
AngolaaoAfrica2 [1] [2]28Arneiro Lovers FC (16x)
BeninbjAfrica2 [1] [2]20FC Abomey Ben (66x)
BotswanabwAfrica2 [1] [2]32FC Porto (56x)
Burkina FasobfAfrica2 [1] [2]28Legiones Astartes (13x)
CamerooncmAfrica2 [1] [2]28FC Dodoma (11x)
Cape VerdecvAfrica2 [1] [2]24AC Xadhoom! (54x)
ChadtdAfrica2 [1] [2]20⚽Jǐn Zhōu⚽ (23x)
CongocgAfrica2 [1] [2]32FC OTB Africans (38x)
Côte d'IvoireciAfrica3 [1] [2] [3.1]56Wolf to death (3x)
DjiboutidjAfrica2 [1] [2]32DPL Newcastle (9x)
EgyptegAfrica2 [1] [2]32FC Al-Fayyum (49x)
GabongaAfrica2 [1] [2]24Green Gold (30x)
GhanaghAfrica2 [1] [2]32Hunan billows (20x)
GuineagnAfrica2 [1] [2]28QiangSheng Group (27x)
KenyakeAfrica2 [1] [2]32Tardis FC (26x)
LesotholsAfrica2 [1] [2]32In Memoriam Davo (43x)
LibyalyAfrica2 [1] [2]32M-BAT (58x)
MadagascarmgAfrica2 [1] [2]36Real Cat (51x)
MalawimwAfrica2 [1] [2]32R OVIEDO (27x)
MoroccomaAfrica2 [1] [2]32MPL Arsenal (7x)
MozambiquemzAfrica2 [1] [2]32FC Beira (27x)
NamibianaAfrica2 [1] [2]24Omaruru (65x)
NigerneAfrica2 [1] [2]20FC Nigersaurus (3x)
NigeriangAfrica2 [1] [2]40¤_Respect °II° Davo_¤ (9x)
RwandarwAfrica2 [1] [2]24RNG_Dota2 (2x)
SenegalsnAfrica2 [1] [2]20Saint_Grall 89 (26x)
SeychellesscAfrica2 [1] [2]20FC Victoria #75 (10x)
SomaliasoAfrica2 [1] [2]20Rainmaker (38x)
South AfricazaAfrica2 [1] [2]32CT-Fish (5x)
South SudanssAfrica2 [1] [2]24Wau City Brothers
TogotgAfrica2 [1] [2]32That's what she said (44x)
TunisiatnAfrica2 [1] [2]28J A C (56x)
UgandaugAfrica2 [1] [2]36Hakuna Matata (46x)
ZambiazmAfrica2 [1] [2]32phenom (59x)
ZimbabwezwAfrica2 [1] [2]32INTER Zanetti (51x)
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