Countries in North America (30)

This is the list of active countries in the Rocking Soccer game world. Every FIFA-member is represented in this multiplayer game with its own league, cup and qualification spots for the Champions League.

CountryFlagContinentLeague levelsTeamsLeague champion
AnguillaaiNorth America2 [1] [2]20FC Warrenpoint (15x)
Antigua and BarbudaagNorth America2 [1] [2]20Swetes CF (32x)
ArubaawNorth America2 [1] [2]20Isabella Manor (33x)
BahamasbsNorth America2 [1] [2]20Dunmore Town (12x)
BarbadosbbNorth America2 [1] [2]20HOLLANDITIS (40x)
BelizebzNorth America2 [1] [2]20FC Corozal Red Lions (28x)
BermudabmNorth America2 [1] [2]20Hong Yan CQ
CanadacaNorth America3 [1] [2] [3.1]48Hamilton FC (17x)
Costa RicacrNorth America2 [1] [2]24San Juan de Dios (5x)
CubacuNorth America2 [1] [2]32Pan de vida Eterna (31x)
CuraçaocwNorth America2 [1] [2]20Brute Force (64x)
DominicadmNorth America2 [1] [2]20FC Soufriere #2 (21x)
El SalvadorsvNorth America2 [1] [2]20FC Chili Peppers (19x)
GuadeloupegpNorth America2 [1] [2]28Ajax (4x)
GuatemalagtNorth America2 [1] [2]20FC San-Ageis Utd (3x)
HaitihtNorth America2 [1] [2]28FC Nankatsu (26x)
HondurashnNorth America2 [1] [2]20Sula (14x)
JamaicajmNorth America2 [1] [2]24Negril Beach (5x)
MartiniquemqNorth America2 [1] [2]28Caribbean Kings (2x)
MexicomxNorth America2 [1] [2]36I am here with taishan (51x)
NicaraguaniNorth America2 [1] [2]20PEAC (5x)
PanamapaNorth America2 [1] [2]20Patriotas Fútbol Club (56x)
Puerto RicoprNorth America2 [1] [2]20Sitz im Leben (4x)
Sint MaartensxNorth America2 [1] [2]20Nirza City TMT™ (16x)
St. Kitts and NevisknNorth America2 [1] [2]20AS Trinity Crayfish (17x)
St. LucialcNorth America2 [1] [2]28New Sun (44x)
St. Vincent a/t GrenadinesvcNorth America2 [1] [2]32FC Aranciano (11x)
Trinidad and TobagottNorth America2 [1] [2]20FC Trinidad Thunder (6x)
US Virgin IslandsviNorth America2 [1] [2]28Cataclysm FC (5x)
United StatesusNorth America3 [1] [2] [3.1]80Colonials FC
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