Countries in Oceania (15)

This is the list of active countries in the Rocking Soccer game world. Every FIFA-member is represented in this multiplayer game with its own league, cup and qualification spots for the Champions League.

CountryFlagContinentLeague levelsTeamsLeague champion
American SamoaasOceania2 [1] [2]24FC RS ALL STAR (22x)
Cook IslandsckOceania2 [1] [2]20Blackburn Rovers (31x)
FijifjOceania3 [1] [2] [3.1]40Fiyi Dolphins (3x)
KiribatikiOceania2 [1] [2]28【JB】hoho (8x)
New CaledoniancOceania2 [1] [2]321234★ (11x)
New ZealandnzOceania2 [1] [2]20Entertainment Club (43x)
NiuenuOceania3 [1] [2] [3.1]40Komeiji Ofc
PalaupwOceania3 [1] [2] [3.1]56OLID (8x)
Papua New GuineapgOceania2 [1] [2]32Cultural Leonesa (14x)
SamoawsOceania2 [1] [2]20Huddersfield Town (23x)
Solomon IslandssbOceania2 [1] [2]24BLUE DUCK (27x)
TahitipfOceania2 [1] [2]20Supreme International FC (16x)
TongatoOceania2 [1] [2]24SEAL Team SIX (27x)
TuvalutvOceania2 [1] [2]20TUV yongchang (3x)
VanuatuvuOceania3 [1] [2] [3.1]40INVERNALIA (2x)
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