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au davo >> saturday april 10 - 06:51

Probably a waste to make him a keeper now. The way that old keepers seem to continue to grow in blocking means he will struggle to catch up to decent but ancient GKs.

I would personally make him a FW as I enjoyed having a ST forward who would be good for a couple of goals per game.

au davo
au Real Kellyville
nl Garfman >> wednesday april 21 - 09:34

The next superstar for the Philippines:

nl Garfman
Community admin
ph Garfman FC
ph Cresencio Fernando >> monday may 3 - 19:59

Will team up well with this one.

ph Cresencio Fernando
ph Davao Griffins
eng ipfreely >> monday may 3 - 20:36

Interesting name too! Though Tugado may mean something else in Spanish ;-)

eng ipfreely
vi Lollapa Losers
ee Balthazor >> tuesday may 4 - 04:28

It looks like legendary Estonian duo Kuusk-Vaalma

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn