Tournaments: Champions League

Each continent with at least 8 active leagues will get a champions league. This champions league follows the real life rules, including the qualification rules where stronger leagues get more (and better) qualification tickets.

The first champions league will be held in season 3, so the first time you can win qualification is in season 2. You need to be in level 1 of your country to qualify for the champions league. You can see the amount of teams that qualify from your league by the icons in the league overview table.

Secondary continental league

If a continent has at least 12 active leagues, there will also be a secondary competition (eg. the europa league for europe)

The rules and qualification to this tournament follow the rules of the real life Europa league.

The best qualification ticket for this tournament for each country will be awarded to the cup winner.

Match income

To reduce the advantage of the extra matches the ticket price for champions league matches is only 50% of the ticket price for normal matches.

Player experience

Each player can get experience in his first 6 international cup matches season. For each of these matches he'll get 300 experience points.