Tournaments: Club world cup

The club world cup is held between the winners of the champions leagues of the different continents. It is a small but prestigeous tournament that is held in week 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the season.

It is a single elimination tournament like the national cup. Not every team starts in the same round. The champions of Europa and Asia (the most active continents in Rocking Soccer) will enter in the semi-finals, the champions of North America, South America and Africa will enter in the quarter finals and the champion of Oceania and the league champion of the host country will kick off the tournament with a playoff round.

Host country

Like the world cup for national teams, this tournament is hosted by one country, so the matches are played in stadiums of that country. Teams from the host country may or may not play in their own stadium. They usually will. In this case they will get home advantage. All other matches are played on neutral ground.

The host is selected by taking a random stadium of level 4 or higher. This means that any country with at least one level 4 stadium has a chance to be the host but bigger countries have a bigger chance.

A country that was already selected as host in the past 20 seasons cannot be selected again.

Player experience

Each player can get experience in his first 2 matches in the club world cup. For each of these matches he'll get 300 experience points.