All football countries (189)

This is the list of active countries in the Rocking Soccer game world. Every FIFA-member is represented in this multiplayer game with its own league, cup and qualification spots for the Champions League.

CountryFlagContinentLeague levelsTeamsLeague champion
UruguayuySouth America2 [1] [2]32Montevideo #9 (20x)
UzbekistanuzAsia2 [1] [2]32 Международный Милан (25x)
VanuatuvuOceania2 [1] [2]20INVERNALIA (30x)
VenezuelaveSouth America2 [1] [2]36Mineros de Guayana (35x)
VietnamvnAsia4 [1] [2] [3.1]112Cửu Long (10x)
WaleswalEurope2 [1] [2]36Garfield Tigers (18x)
YemenyeAsia2 [1] [2]28Infando (45x)
ZambiazmAfrica2 [1] [2]32phenom (58x)
ZimbabwezwAfrica2 [1] [2]32INTER Zanetti (49x)

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